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Charter Fishing Tampa Bay | St. Petersburg | Clearwater | Fl
Exciting Tarpon Fishing Trip in St Petersburg, FL
Charter Fishing Tampa Bay | St. Petersburg | Clearwater | Fl
Hammer Head Shark
"Hammerhead Shark" Released Alive on Fat Cat Fishing Charters.
See the video.
Charter Fishing Tampa Bay | St. Petersburg | Clearwater | Fl
4 year olds and six year old kids can catch fish too.
What GREAT KIDS!  Young 7 year old Jay did a fantastic job. 

Book a Tampa Bay Fishing charters, Fishing Charters Tampa Bay and enjoy catching fish Fat Cat Fishing Charters.

 Fat Cat Fishing Charters Pricing.

Find competitive affordable low cost
Charter Fishing Tampa and Tampa Bay fishing charters pricing for high quality professional guided trips in the St.Pete, Tampa, Tampa Bay Fl area at Fat Cat fishing charters. Our reasonable pricing makes it possible for family's of all incomes to afford to take there kids on offshore fishing charters for the experience of a life time. We have pricing to fit every family vacation budget for half day, three quarter day, full day and night fishing trips.

Come to beautiful ST.Petersburg, Clearwater and Tampa Bay Fishing charters, Fishing Charters Tampa Bay and a experience you will never forget.

All of the kids that have a charter fishing trip with us on Fat Cat have a fun filled day and a learning experience that they will never forget with  Capt Brad Masters on the Fat Cat.

If you decide to fish in the Gulf of Mexico please ask your Captains if they have the required Federal Permits to keep Federal protected fish species. These permits can cost in the thousands and their are some charters operators that do not have them. Ask if they have a EPERB!
This is for your safety and is a Global device that sends a GPS signal of where your at if the boat has a serious problem. This is so the US Coast Guard can find you. These items also can cost in the thousands. By asking these kind of questions you will get a Charter service that is legal and you will get what you pay for. You can view all my Charter Permits and Federal Permits on the About The Captains Page. When charter fishing Tampa bay you can see all kinds of wild life along with Dolphins and sea birds. Tampa Bay fishing charters pricing can vary so if you find a price that sounds too good to be true you can be sure they do not have the required equipment and safety gear needed to run a legal charter service. Call today with Fat Cat
Charter Fishing Charters Tampa Bay is a great way to have a fun filled family day.
 Pricing at Fat Cat Fishing Charters makes it possible for everyone to Tarpon fishing charter.
tCharter Fishing Tampa Bay | St. Petersburg | Clearwater | Fl
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capt.brad with young ngler
              Fat Cat Fishing Charters offers  Pricing for 5 years old and up!        

               Kingfish, Grouper, Tarpon etc Charter Trips

  •   Up to Two Kids  Under TWELVE ( No Extra Charge ) With One Or Two Adults.
  •                                           SPRING SPECIAL
  •                               1/2 Day 2 anglers 4 Hours        $300.00
  •                               1/2 Day 3 anglers                    $350.00
  •                               1/2 Day 4 anglers                    $400.00 
  •                              3/4 Day 2 anglers 6 hours        $400.00
  •                              3/4 day 3 anglers                    $450.00
  •                              3/4 Day 4 anglers                    $500.00

  •                        Full Day 2 anglers 8 Hours            $500.00

  •                         Full Day 3 anglers                        $550.00
  •                         Full Day 4 anglers                        $600.00

                            PHONE  727-564-6459

I take a small deposit to hold you're date refundable due to weather if I can not move you to a better day! Cancellations must be made at least 7 DAYS ahead of scheduled fishing date for refund returned.
NO SHOWS are non refundable.


  Charter Fishing Charters Tampa Bay,

Book a charter today  and catch "TARPON", "KING FISH",  "SHARKS" and more while Charter fishing Tampa Florida,
Charter Fishing, Charters Tampa Bay.
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                                          Charter fishing Tampa Bay at its finest in St.Pete Fl.