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Kids catch fish on Charter fishing Tampa Bay
Kids catch fish on Charter fishing Tampa Bay
 Fat Cat Fishing Charters Caters to Kids !

We Make Sure They Catch Fish


Bring the kids for a day they will remember a life time.

There is no better time spent together as a family than fishing with Fat Cat Fishing Charters in the Tampa Bay Fl area. The memories your kids will have will last a lifetime and give them a positive out look on life that YES I can do it, and every one in the family can participate. Make it a day or evening to remember.so come give Charter Fishing Guides a chance.
Dad helps his daughter on fat cat fishing charters in st pete fl.

Experience Offshore Fishing
in St. Petersburg

About The Captains

Florida Fishing Guides, Charter Fishing Guides and Charter Fishing Boat Captain USCG Licensed Capt Brad has fished all his life and is a expert at what he does.
Commercial fishing, stone crabs, mullet and more
in the St.Pete, Tampa Bay Fl area. What a perfect opportunity to have a very successful and safe tarpon or red snapper fishing charter adventure.
Commercial and recreational sport fishing trips for over 25 years in the Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg Fl, Sarasota, New Port Richy, Clearwater. Long Boat Key, Venice areas. 
Commercial fishing and
harvesting blue crabs, stone crabs, mackerel, mullet for twenty years and knows the waters in the Tampa Bay, St.Petersburg Fl area well.

You can ask your Captain to see this License it is a USCG Regulation for all Captains and we do not mind showing it to you. If a Captain refuses cancel the trip.
These licenses are for your safety to know you have a drug free reliable Captain who has also been checked by the FBI every four years.

Fat Cat boats are ran by Capt Brad!
Captain Brad Masters fat cat fishing charters.

Trips may be scheduled both "inshore and offshore", for all local species.

Full day, three quarter day, half day trips are available and can be catered to whatever type of fishing you are looking for.
Angler skills range from beginner to expert.
All bait, tackle, ice, licenses, and permits are furnished. Bring your lunch, your enthusiasm, and Captain Jay and Capt Brad will do the rest to make sure you have a great day of fishing.

Please use our CONTACT Page if you have any questions or call 727-564-6459.

Capt Brad with a 450 lb Goliath Grouper release.
Capt Brad helps a young angler with her fish.
Capt Brad Masters native of St.Pete Fl helps all the anglers to learn how to fish and helps them to get there catch to the boat. Also runs the boat, catches the bait and has a towing endorsement on his Captains License.