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Catching grouper on fat cat fishing charters
Catching grouper on fat cat fishing charters
 Fat Cat Fishing Charters Caters to Kids !

We Make Sure They Catch Fish


Bring the kids for a day they will remember a life time.

There is no better time spent together as a family than fishing with Fat Cat Fishing Charters in the Tampa Bay Fl area. The memories your kids will have will last a lifetime and give them a positive out look on life that YES I can do it, and every one in the family can participate. Make it a day or evening to remember.
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Welcome to Disney Area Fishing Charters, Orlando Area Fishing Charters and Fl Vacation Fishing Charters in St.Pete Fl.  
. These tips have worked for me and will help you learn to catch Grouper like a pro.

Pulling gear for Grouper is a great way to learn how to catch Grouper and get you limit WITH THESE FISHING TIPS.
We will start this month with pulling gear with a plainer and next month move on to another how to catch Grouper tip so check back and bookmark this page.

First tie on 100 ft of 65lb power pro to 50lb test with a Bimini twist to your 4/0 this is the best set up for trolling for Grouper.
Power pro will let your lures or jigs go deeper than mono and gives a better hook up as it does not stretch.

 Next hook up a number four plainer and then 35 ft of PINK Andy 50 lb mono line.

 I use large jigs most of the time so tie it on. Now you want to watch your gps and troll at 2 1/2 to 3 mph no more no less. In 40 ft of water let your line out until the knots from the power pro to your line on the real hits the water this is a great tip. Lock it down and get ready for action.

The power pro does two things as I said first it goes deeper than mono and second your letting your line out the same distance every time. See your rod bumping the bottom real in a few cranks and count how many turns. Next time you reset just let the knot hit the water and then crank in that many turns.

 When you hook a Grouper be sure to mark it on the GPS every time that way on you next fishing trip you can just follow the gps points you marked before.  Watch for more Grouper tips I will be giving next month . Visit our picture page and video pages. Got a question? Contact me and I'll do my best to answer it also please check out our Blog page. Local fisherman and anglers book a fishing charterwith a guide and what you lean on one trip will be more than the cost you pay.

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Kids catch Grouper onDisney Area Fishing Charters too with Fat Cat.
Gag grouper on fatcatfishingcharters.com
Nice Gag Grouper and one of many on this Orlando Area Fishing Charters.
charters fishing Clearwater on Fat Cat catches grouper.
Charter fishing Clearwater, St.Pete and Tampa bay we catch Grouper.
Keeper gag caught by young anglers.
 Kids catch Grouper on thereFl Vacation Fishing Charters.